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Welcome to Solar Biz Wholesale.

Solar Biz Installers get the extra attention and service they need. We have a working knowledge of all the components in the systems youre installing and we have excellent tips to help your project go quickly and smoothly.

A Solar Biz Installer is able to take advantage of our ability to buy direct from manufacturers at volume pricing. We pass this low price savings on to you.

When you buy from us you can price your systems competitively and fairly to your customers and make a decent living. Fill out our installer application and let us get started to help you grow your business...



What is residential solar?

It is simply a solar electric system that provides electricity from the sun, by using photovoltaic (solar) panels which capture and convert the suns energy into electricity. The electricity produced by solar panels is typically Direct Current (DC) which can be stored in batteries.

Tom Duffy Family

Living Sustainably: The Key to Our Expertise and Our Low Prices!

It's been well over forty years since Tom first began making and selling merchandise for renewable energy Solar Panel Systems. That life-long passion and commitment to renewable energy and green living is in evidence all around The Solar Biz, where the company puts their products to the test every day. So the staff's knowledge comes from the best possible source: extensive personal experience with everything they sell.

Put our two generations of experience in the sustainable living marketplace to work for you!

What's Our Profit Motive? In a sustainable world, everyone profits.

Our low price guarantee is unconditional and it's no gimmick. It's the result of over four decades in the renewable energy marketplace, tracking down the most reliable products and the best deals worldwide. As one of the oldest renewable energy equipment companies on the planet, we can pass our volume savings on to our customers. And conserving resources at our fully self-sustaining offices and warehouse is not only good for the environment; it helps us (and you!) save money.

Solar Panels: We believe that USA, Made in America, Solar Panels are the Best.

For a number of good reasons, the first being, the warranty. A 25 year solar panel warranty is not really good if you have to go to the Orient to claim it. We feel that American companies have their presence here and it's easier to get them to warrant the solar panel. There are a great many Oriental solar panel manufacturers that have come and gone in a very brief period, where is that solar panel warranty now?

Solar Panel quality is the next concern. We have yet to see poor quality Made in USA solar panels, but we have seen all sorts of poor quality oriental solar panels.

Inverters: We distribute only the best Inverters from all the major Inverter Manufacturers.

Exeltech, Magnum, Outback and Schneider Renewables, are the main manufacturers of Both Off Grid Inverters and Grid Tie Inverters The Solar Biz distributes. Along with the inverters themselves we offer a complete line up of Service and Distribution Enclosures and all the accessories to go with your new Inverter System.

Batteries: The Solar Biz has been in the Battery business over 45 Years:

We have been a warehouse distributor of all the major battery brands for over four decades. WE KNOW BATTERIES, and all this battery experience is available to you when you need help with purchasing new batteries or an existing battery system.